Halbach array 的构建与模拟(二)

知乎上找到了一个系列文章——《Halbach array 的构建与模拟》,一共写了三篇,链接分别如下:

  1. Halbach array 的构建与模拟(一) – 知乎 (zhihu.com)
  2. Halbach array 的构建与模拟(二) – 知乎 (zhihu.com)
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专利详情网址:US7757609B2 – Track switching for a magnetically levitated transportation system and method – Google Patents

Track switching for a magnetically levitated transportation system and method

A magnetically levitated transportation system employs permanent magnet rails along a guideway that interact with permanent magnets on a vehicle. The rails are optimized to reduce magnetic mass and cost of materials, while maximizing lift force. The vehicle is stabilized in the lateral and yaw directions with feedback controlled lateral control coils that interact with the permanent magnet rails on the guideway. A track switching structure employs permanent magnet rails that gradually widen along a segment of track and separate into two identical diverging rails. Feedback controlled lateral control coils in a moving vehicle stabilize that vehicle over one or the other pairs of diverging rails, as directed by a control computer, thereby causing the vehicle to continue along one path or the other, with no moving or active elements required in the track.

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 B60L13/003 Crossings; Points

Electromagnetic Levitation Quadcopter – YouTube(英文原版)

Obviously this “quadcopter” is a demonstration device, showing how moving magnets over a conducting surface can generate levitation. It has not been optimized to minimize losses or be an efficient mode of transport. I still think it’s pretty cool. I’m used to seeing light things levitated by induced currents but not a 100+ lb machine.


中文字幕版:四旋軸電磁懸浮「直升機」 – Electromagnetic Levitation Quadcopter – YouTube

中文介绍版:电磁悬浮飞行器有多厉害?看完才知道,100斤是小儿科! – 西瓜视频 (ixigua.com)






\[ W=W_{\mathrm {potential} }+W_{\mathrm {kinetic} }=\int _{V}{\frac {p^{2}}{2\rho _{0}c^{2}}}dV+\int _{V}{\frac {\rho _{0}v^{2}}{2}}dV \]

  • \(V\) – 流体的体积
  • \(p\) – 声压
  • \(v\) – 流体质点速度
  • \(\rho_0\) – 流体静态密度
  • \(c\) – 声速



\[ \epsilon ={\frac {p^{2}}{2\rho _{0}c^{2}}}+{\frac {\rho _{0}v^{2}}{2}} \]



\[ {\bar {\epsilon }}={\frac {p_{e}^{2}}{\rho _{0}c^{2}}}\]

其中 \(p_e\) 是有效声压。


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  2. ^ 杜功焕、朱哲明、龚秀芳,声学基础,第二版,第4.7节。

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  • 软路由的定义
  • 软路由的优缺点
  • 什么人会使用软路由
  • 软路由的挑选
  • 软路由的组建
  • 软路由的设置
  • 硬路由桥接软路由发射WiFi


  • 软路由虚拟机多系统(对于新手来说太麻烦而且我个人觉得暂时没有必要)
  • 黑群晖之类的NAS搭建(三大妈已经有其他作者写过啦)